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Training programs

Program1@2xFitness bootcamp Program2@2xFitness bootcamp 2 Program3@2xSupportive troops
Program4@2xBasic soldier Program5@2xFrontline Program6@2xSpecial forces

Personal training programs for every need

Marsmars offers a number of training programs for your varying needs: e.g. strength, endurance, nutrition. Take our test to find out your starting level and challenge yourself. New programs coming soon: military cross training and outdoor skills.

Every side of staying functional

The MarsMars app, brought to you by the Finnish Defence Forces, guides you to follow your physical activity, eating habits, sleep, and to challenge yourself on every side of staying functional. Choose your exercises from over 500 different activity types.

Helps you feel better

Choose a training program, log activities, learn about staying functional and about wellbeing, cheer your friends towards lasting life style changes. MarsMars suits everyone, regardless of your age, sex, favourite sport types, or starting level. Join us!